Welcome to Adult X Book

Welcome to the next generation of Web Camming

So what makes Adult X Book so special for performers?

  • *Only 25% Commission Charged On Cash Out (Lowest On The Market)
  • *Invite Only Website
  • *Earn 5% Residual Income From Everyone You Invite,.. Including 5% of all the Commission They Earn from Everybody they invite!
  • *Earn5% Residual Income from every Group/Studio owner you invite to the site!
  • *Automated Commission paid directly into your virtual wallet so there will be no need for anyone to touch another Performer/Groups/Studio’s money to earn their cut
  • *Mobile Friendly/Compatible Camming Software…Webcam From The Comfort Of Your Own Phone
  • *Block Unwanted Clients Via Postcode/ Zip Code
  • *Multicamming Feature – Cam Multiple People At The Same Time
  • *Keep Full Tabs On Your Following: Follwers, Hotlist & Those Who Have Hotlisted You With Our Top Of The Range Social Media Tools & Features
  • *Fastest, Most Reliable Camming Software, No Freezing or Drop Out Calls & No Complicated Software Downloading Upon Sign Up
  • *Create Your Own Group/Studio Even If You Are Already Part Of A Studio (No Other Site Can Do This)
  • *Streamlined and efficient payment options for Groups and Studios – Contact us to know more !
  • *Contactable help telephone number..No more dealing with unreliable web masters that are based in the Philippines
  • *Many Many More Features To Be Released Upon Launch*

Websites like Adult X Book rely on two simple factors for YOU TO MAKE MONEY

  • It needs great performers
  • It needs loads of people that want to pay the performers

Without performers, there are no paying customers

Without paying customers, there are no performers

We all know that there are literally MILLIONS of people who want to view websites like Adult X Book every single day – they want the hottest, fittest, filthiest, cleanest, dirtiest – whatever floats their boat

So how do we make sure that the hottest, fittest, filthiest, cleanest (whatever) are on Adult X Book?

EASY !!!!

We pay the performers the most by charging the lowest possible commission


By introducing other performers to the site, we will pay you a 5% kickback from the commission that they GENERATE ON THE SITE too!!!

So if you introduce a friend who then earns £1,000 next month – you get £50 just for the introduction.

If they earn £1,000 every month THEN YOU GET PAID AN EXTRA £50 EVERY MONTH

PLUS They will be earning a 5% kickback on the people that they introduce to the site, which of course means more money for them and YOU!!!

How many would you like to introduce? The sky is the limit it’s up to you

Every performer is given a UNIQUE ID that our software uses to track the referrals– Nobody can join the site without being invited via a UNIQUE ID.

REGISTER NOW for your UNIQUE ID, create your profile and start earning !!!

So with the combination of low commission plus a commission kickback we will have more performers wanting to join Adult X Book than any other website which brings in more clients.

More clients to the website means more performers want to join – they have to be INVITED by somebody with a UNIQUE ID



We have the latest and best streaming technology meaning that there are no drop outs or freeze frames when you are performing, keeping the clients on the site engaged for longer meaning YOU MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY!

What are you waiting for…

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